How to be Successful in School

All humans want to be successful in their own way. But not all humans know the definition of success. My 7th grade English teacher’s definition of success, (Success is when you are content with your life). But for most people, they think the definition of success is when you become rich money wise.

So let me talk about how to be successful in school before you go out their in the real world, where you have to figure out the meaning of success yourself. Here are the top 5 steps you should implement on your journey to success.

1.) Listen to sophisticated adults advice

2.) Always be prepared and listen attentively in class

3.) Don’t hang around bad influential friends

4.) Respect everyone, especially your teachers who guide you towards success

5.) Be determined to learn













What a successful student should do!

If you want to be a successful student, you have to meet several requirement. 1.) Your behavior can affect your success, so behave at all times. 2.) What you do online must be appropriate, because before you apply to college, your online footprint will be revised. 3.) Be the best that you can be any time, and success will always knock your door. So it is up to you on how you want to be successful. Whether you want to graduate from High school and  College and end up with a very good job. Or whether you want to misbehave with you education and drop out, start selling drugs or end up on the streets.


Remember! The choice is yours to make.


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Stay humble! No Matter What You Have

During the end of this summer, I learnt a life lesson that I never experienced. I know you’re wondering what this life lesson is, so let me tell you. It was on a hot Wednesday afternoon, when I was bored and had nothing to do. So then I went on YouTube, when they have a video suggestion for me. It was from “fouseyTube”, a YouTube channel I subscribed to. The title (What if the homeless gave you money)  was what made me watch the video. While watching the video, I was thinking to my self.  What if I was the person who treated this homeless man the way people did in the video? It made become a more humble person, and my action towards the ones who don’t have are calmer. I can tell you that this video definitely thought me a life lesson. I hope it teaches you a life lesson too.
*Please click on the link to watch it.