My Genius Hour Performance

In Genius Hour I built a website, a potential online store. I was not interested in making a website at all because I have no previous experience or interest. In the Genius Hour I learned how to make and edit a website, giving it all the good stuff you desire. If I was to grade myself I would give myself a 85% because I believe that I could’ve done more, but I didn’t know it was really going to be this important. My Genius Hour presentation didn’t help anyone else except myself, it helped mentally to work harder on my next Genius Hour topic in order to achieve a higher grade. I believe my presentation was quite good, but next time I need to put more effort into it and memorize better. For my next Genius Hour, I either want to build a castle out of cardboard, research can you do anything with science, or try to Inspire people.

My Presentation

My Website (Online Store) Pictures:  Webs - SiteBuilder Pic 1Webs - SiteBuilder Pic 2

Webs - SiteBuilder Pic 3Webs - SiteBuilder 4

Overall, for me I think Genius Hour is a really good thing to be implemented by students in schools. It helps us discover our potential of how we can change the world one step at a time at such a young age. I can’t wait to begin my next Genius Hour project, hoping that this time it helps everyone around me, including animals.



My Favorite Human Being

This post is about my great grandmother ( NaBinta), even though I do not remember too much about her because I was quite young. The little that I remember about her and how much she loved me, were some of the most special moments in my life. She was a person that cared about everyone, as if they were one of  her 12-15 children. My favorite and best memory that I remember of her, was this one time when my grandmother made her soup with really tiny fish that my great grandmother liked. My grandmother left the soup in a corner of a room while my great grandmother was praying. I knew that she would finish praying really soon, but the soup was smelling too good. Once the room was cleared, I quickly ran there and opened the soup bowl, grabbed the tiny little hot fish by the tail and threw it into my mouth. The fish was supper small and delicious, but poor little me did not know how many tiny bones the fish had. I was choking badly on the bones, but I couldn’t scream or else my grandmother would’ve found out and beat me. So I quickly ran to my great grandmother in serious tears while she was in the middle of her prayer, she cut her prayer just to give me the attention I needed. She asked me “what is wrong,” but I could not answer because I was choking seriously. But I think she knew what was wrong once she smelled my breath of fish. She quickly put her index finger in my throat and began pulling out the fish bone. After she pulled out the bone, nothing has ever felt better. I jumped on her in tears of embarrassment, but I could not apologize. My great grandmother was the best person I have ever known. We did not get to spend a lot of time together because of our move to Nigeria and I was very small She died in her late nineties in 2009, while I was nine years old. I cried very hard, and still in shock that she died because of how important she was to me and how much I loved her and cared about her. #LoveNaBinta

attachInk_1445596756586Citation: Manjang, M. Phone Notebook, November 3, 2013. Picture. October 23, 2015






Bout me

My name is Mo

Am 16 years old

I like chickens and phones

When I get older

I wanna become a doctor

A really wise doctor

Cause it’s a super hard major

Right now am sixteen

But man I got goals

I have a double nationality

Because am Gambian-American

Aiming for that scholarship

To one day have my own cruise ship

Wipe out corruption in all the world’s nations

Fight for everyone’s rights

My favorite subject is Math

And I also like cats

Social Studies and the world map

I like big cars and a really nice house

That’s one of the reasons why I like to work hard

I respect everyone


Young or Old

But mostly my teachers

Cause they feed me that brain food

That will sustain me whenever and wherever

For as long as I live.