My Perspective on Media

I think the media has impacted our culture in many obvious ways. For example our music, movies, and propaganda. The media is something that always has something, whether it’s something you want to learn about, know about, or don’t even care about.

I think the first way that media affects our culture is through the music people listen to. From experience, and education, it is easy to see how music is changing people. How it changes their personality, thinking, and beliefs. Although, the part that most people think is not okay, is the way some artists objectify women. It has sparked a lot of controversy around the world, and caused a lot of trouble. I think it would be better if some artists only sung about, peace, criticizing the government, love, and life. I think rapping/singing about how much money you have, how hard you party, of how much women you have, only causes jealousy, and can shape the way other people choose to live.

I think the way media portrays gender has its positives and negatives. The positive part is that, women are allowed to sing songs about women’s rights, go on TV and talk about stuff affecting women and so much more. The negative part is that, many rappers objectify women in their music.

I think media impacts the economy the most, because it is how the government and businesses are able to express propaganda and advertisements. Using media, businesses are able to trick people into buying their products, especially banks. The government, through media can express propaganda  to a state or country.

Media has shaped me into the person I am right now. Media has changed the way I think, the way I behave, my attitude towards things and people. So to me, media has impacted me in only positive ways so far, and I hope it doesn’t change me into a different type of person, although I know it will, eventually.

Your Dream Body

Do you work out? Do you know how to keep your body’s muscles flexible? Do you know how to maintain the perfect weight? If you don’t, that’s okay, because you are about to learn the essential steps to having your dream body. Maintaining a constant weight is almost impossible, it might go up or down by a couple of lbs or kg. The easiest thing to maintain, is your body size, as long as you are willing to stay determined to have your dream body.

Here are a couple of ways to have your dream body:

#1. Don’t starve yourself

slider23                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         #2. Eat till you’re satisfied











#3. Burn your calories

running-burning-calories                              #4. Get determined:



As a modern human being, you should work for your dream body. Find inspiration, get motivated, get down to the floor and start lunging. You’ll will be happy with your life, if you take this advice.


  • Workout/exercise
  • eat hard—work hard
  • burn your calories
  • Have pride in your body
  • Be determined

After each meal, drink a lot of water so you don’t get hungry quickly.

Try to do a little exercise everyday, for at least 10 minutes.


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Twitter Expert/Academic Connect


For the first part of  the Twitter Academic Connect, I had to make a list and add ten authors, professors, or experts in a field that I was interested in. They didn’t have to be in exactly in the field you were interested in, but at least associated with. My next step was to mention them in a tweet, thanking them for some information I received from them. My last couple of steps was to ask them questions about my topic, whether it was a specific question, advice, or opinion, and then wait for their reply.


The results I obtained were quite disappointing. Out of the ten people on my list, only one person replied, which was Matt Farah. I was expecting to get a reply from at least eight of the out of ten. But at least I got one reply, which alleviated my disappointment a bit.

People I followed:

  1. @bestnewautos- I followed best news autos because I knew they knew about a lot of different cars, current ones, and future.
  2. @CARSMANIAC1- They have really nice pictures of cars.
  3. @JeremyClarkson- I followed Jeremy Clarkson because I’ve known him and cars since I was a child. He was on a show called “Top Gear,” and what he does, is drive cars, and gives his opinions to his viewers. So I knew he knew a lot about cars, so I thought that I really should follow this guy.
  4. @kblock43- I followed Ken Block because he is a pro driver in rallying and drifting, and loved by millions of people around the world.
  5. @MrJamesMay- I followed James May, because he was also another presenter on “Top Gear,” and knows a lot about cars.
  6. @tiff_tv-  Tiff Needell is a presenter for a channel on YouTube called Fifth Gear. I really enjoy his shows and is very experienced with cars.
  7. @TheSmokingTire- I followed Matt Farah, because he is into American muscle cars, and he was the only person that replied to my twitter Question. Thank You Matt Farah!
  8. @TannerFoust- I followed Tanner Foust because he is a professional on cars, and a professional driver who does a lot of stunts. He is also very knowledgeable about cars and their parts.
  9. @sportauto- Sport Auto love super cars, and know about them. Debut dates and a lot more.
  10. @FifthGearTV- Fifth Gear is a show on YouTube, full of presenters who are very passionate about cars.

These people relate to my Genius Hour project because they are all associate with it. They also gave me so information that I was able to incorporate in my project. I didn’t really request a lot of information from them, but I asked them questions and advice for my own good. I can incorporate it in my Genius Hour project, on knowledge about cars that I don’t know.


I only got one reply out of ten, from Matt Farah. Two out of ten of the are currently following me. Matt Farah replied and didn’t ask for any assistance, but am pretty sure he’ll reply if I was to ask another question. I didn’t continue any of the conversations, because I only asked questions.

I can use this process in school in the future, for other projects that aren’t Genius Hour. I can create a whole new list of the people I follow, that are in the field am willing to learn about.