Genius Hour Project #2 Reflection

For this Genius Hour project, I decided to research my favorite thing in the whole world; “CARS.” It was on the new Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat. I chose them because they are some of my favorite cars in the world and am very passionate about them. This Genius Hour actually gave me a big opportunity to learn more about these cars, I learned all about their specs, and how unique they are to their brand’s segment. It helped me grow as a person because learning about them has increased my knowledge and gave me the happiness satisfaction that I wanted from learning about them. What I did differently on this Genius Hour compared to the last one, is that I was actually excited to work on this topic because I enjoyed working on something I wanted to do more. What I learned, only helped myself and my community. It helped me because I was relieved after learning everything about these cars, and it helped my community because I taught them something they probably didn’t know about these cars. What I will learn in my next Genius Hour will help the world, community, animals, and myself in many ways, because this time I will do a Genius Hour on “Food Digestion.” That will impact this world because every living thing has a way in which it digests its food, from plants to Humans. Overall, I did really good in this Genius Hour compared to my previous one, in my last Genius Hour I had an 80% and now I have an 89%. So I am very proud of my improvement. Also this Genius Hour was my most creative Genius Hour because this time I used GIFS and videos to make my presentation more eye popping. I just wish I had made my words color fit in better with the background, because that was the only reason for my loss of points. But apart from that, everything else was creatively phenomenal, which am very proud of. So I am mostly going to get a better grade on my next Genius Hour, if I ┬áconstantly keep up my grade. Can’t wait for next Genius Hour.